Celebrity Style Leather Wrist bands

Like a leather manufacturer I have been realizing how large an effect Celebs have within our industry. An example is exactly what I describe as “celebrity style wrist bands”.

Although these specific types of leather bracelets didn’t oncoming of being celebrity style wrist bands, on the way they wound up being top quality as superstar status add-ons whose names are actually synonymous through the celebs that put on them.

In case your acquainted with leather add-ons like me, you’ll arrived at know you will find many wrist bands on the market today which are being known to with a Celebrity’s title instead of the wrist bands actual style title. Good type in point may be the The Actor-brad Pitt Leather Cuff which was made infamous by his character Lerner within the Oscar-winning Platoon movie. Or even the thin leather bracelet with hexagon studs worn by David Duchovny (Hank Moody) in Showtimes hit show Californication. We can not your investment late Elliott Cruz who used a variable two inch wide leather cuff with a set of curler buckles which has similarities towards the leather cuff Zakk Wylde wears.

It is simple to find more information where to purchase them online using a Search. Cost should range from $20 – $35 for the celebrity style wrist bands pointed out in the following paragraphs and can change from vendor to vendor and the standard of fabric they will use. I avoid purchasing from websites that sell leather items in an incredible low cost. Generally these days their leather is commonly of poor.