Common Applications to Use Corporate Gifts For

Just like other business owners, I have been giving gifts to people important to my business and I always thought about how to make my gift personal and when I should send them. Just like other gifts, corporate gifts are traditionally used around holiday seasons. However, gifts today have been used in a lot of other applications in business including the following.


As there is an increasing emphasis on corporate ethics these days, it has become necessary to scrutinize the gift, your recipient and the presentation’s nature. After determining the clients to accept the gifts, think about the gift carefully and how you will give it. When you prefer to ship the gifts, you might not be able to reinforce the relationship between your customers and clients. Gifts offer the most effect if presented personally by your employees who have directly contact with customers.

Employee Recognition

A lot of companies do not use incentives with some employee categories to avoid possible harmful competition within ranks or they cannot single out the incremental performance of an employee in a measurable way. Rather, companies usually offer managers a budget which is likely to be spent on gifts for recognizing employees with exceptional working behavior. Employee actions that are worthy of recognition include putting on extra hours for completing a project promptly, completing a big sale or making a productivity-improving or cost-saving suggestion. When you offer gifts for an employee’s special performance, ensure that you choose an item that is appropriate to your recipient and you make the presentation personal. Make sure your recipient and his co-workers know the reason you are giving the gift.


Non-cash awards or merchandise provided to consumers often belong to the category of awards or premiums associated with games and sweepstakes. Making an offer here is meant to spur behavior. The intention is to surprise your customer and try to build a long-term customer loyalty. Therefore, the key to the use of consumer gifts is having a particular strategy and targeting customers you can track the volume of. For instance, a supermarket chain wishes to increase the use of its preferred-customer card in order to track the purchase patterns of its customers in a more precise way. It provided incentives in order to get people to sign up and make use of the card; however, usage has started to trail off. In order to keep up people’s interest in such card, the chain sends out surprise gifts that come with a thank you letter from the president of the company to shoppers who used the card for buying groceries worth more than $400 in a certain month.


Companies tend to recognize the significance of building close relationships with their suppliers. In fact, retailers and manufacturers depend on just-in-time deliveries and many companies demand the perfect service for the lowest price. But surveys show vendors are among the least likely to get gifts. When your company depends upon great service from some vendors, sending a few gifts offers a long-term effect to your business.

The Media

The majority of daily newspapers and a lot of consumer magazines have in place strict policies on giving gifts to reporters and editors. However, they are usually overlooked when the gift is tasteful, appropriately-timed and simple which means that it does not look bribing. An imaginative gift that is sent with a press release can increase the possibility of the message to be read translating into wider coverage.