Know The Best Light Carnivals Of The World


Every major festival around the world is loosely or closely based on the theme that ‘in the end light comes in to erase all darkness”. Be it a Christmas or Eid, or Diwali and Holi, or New Year or Halloween – every festival celebrates with light. We Indians light up Diwali Diyas to erase darkness of lives and in the same way to ward off evil spirits people of Taiwan celebrate Pingxi Lantern Festival by lighting various lanterns that light up the sky. Our festival signifies the win of the good over evil through light and darkness. These light can be in any form like – candles, diyas, or LED, and lanterns. But the motto of all of these festivals is to keep the positive attitude alive to lead a good life.


Let’s check some of the most spectacular festivals of the world that allow us to light up our soul and celebrate life.

  • The Rio de Janeiro Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: In the month of February and March this largest festival of the world is held. Every year, the footfalls increase and surpass the last year’s figure. On an average 2 million people gather here. Music, dance, and light decoration are the main attractions of this carnival. This festival started in 1823 and continues till today with more glamor and enjoyment.
  • Chinese New Year: The Chinese New Year is the best time of the year for Chinese people to come out from their home and work and live life king size. The best decorations with flowers, dragons, lanterns, new clothes are the USP of this extravagant show.
  • Burning Man Festival of Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA: it is a 9 day festival held in the last week of August and continues till the first week of September. This is perhaps one of the weirdest festivals of the world. More than 50,000 people gather in the Black Desert region of Nevada of USA and carve out some of the nicest art work. As per tradition of this festival, a wooden effigy is set on fire on a Saturday evening. This event is described as an experiment with art, expression, and self-reliance.
  • The Ice and Snow Festival of Harbin, China: This beautiful festival includes wondrous ice and snow sculptures that a creative artist can carve out. It is held in Harbin region of China during the winter vacations (5th January to 25th February). These marvelous ice and snow sculptures are then decorated with light and colors and it is a breath-taking view to witness.
  • Up HellyAa Fire Festival of Scotland: This festival takes place every year on the last Tuesday of the month of January in Lerwick, Shetland. A proper march is done by people and they lit up their torch followed by burning of a galley. Later on music, dance, and drama are also held.
  • Diwali of India: This is often called the festival of lights. The Diwali diya decoration is something that one cannot miss in their lifetime. Every house be it poor or rich decks up with various lights. Diwali sweets, diyas, candles, and LED’s are to be found in every corner followed by blazing firecrackers.