Planning To Do Your Wedding Nails At Home? Here’s What You Need!

Wedding nails are traditionally white, but that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with new ideas. Check websites like, and you will find endless styles posted by nail art enthusiasts. Wedding nails look best when you use a little more glamour. Expectedly, you must have your basic base coat, which can be a color of your choice. If you don’t want to go for white, pick a nude that complements your skin tone.

Next, you need at a set of loose glitter colors, preferably in shades like silver and gold, which can complement most colors. You also need studs, which can be aesthetically used on basic French nails for that extra effect. You can also use nail art stencils to create floral and other motifs. Most importantly, do get a set of brushes, which may come handy for the painting work. Also, you need a clear coat to seal all the work you do.